Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dame Hammink-Horstink

alright, so once again, it's not the best photograph... and yet again, I'll use the same old excuse that I'm just trying to keep myself moving.... until I get a scanner. Or a photographer. Or learn how to take a decent photo. Personally, I have a feeling that the most realistic is going to be the first option. But of course funds play an important role, and I really want a flatscreen TV. Sadly, I'm not really at a point where I should be affording either. So for now you'll have to deal with middling quality photographs taken by yours truly. Hopefully the work doesn't suffer too much in translation.

Yeah, yeah, still on the whole steampunk trip. Playing around with the idea of doing some sort of a webcomic with this aesthetic. Yes, I know what you're thinking; it won't happen until I get that scanner. Guess the large screen television will need to wait a little longer, huh?

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Goblin Girl 5000 said...

OMG youve totally out-done yourself!It brings to mind a quote from Oscar Wilde.."Work is the curse of the drinking classes."--which has nothing to do with this image except that its the girl in the foreground....anyways..I think this image is total hotness.