Monday, August 6, 2007

the Ursula 01

Well, this one came about when a friend challenged me to meld Cuddlefish and Chitty Chitty Boom Boom - so here it is, Heather. The Ursula o1! Named after that fantastically tentacled baddy from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" - c'mon, she was amazing. So this image is another blend of markers and india inks - for the water I tried to use some of my acrylics as water-color - I was reading on the back of one of the tubes this was a possibility and thought what better way to test out the waters.... pardon the pun. ugh.
Still trying to stay focused with a specific set of related images though, so once again, Steampunk inspired.....

1 comment:

goblingirl5000 said... just keeps gettin' better n better!--I love the composition--the color scheme- and most of all its super color fragilistic extra tentacle ala doh-shus! How flipping cool would this image be if it came to life?It could be a new kind of transformer that primarily lives in your medicine cabinet as an unassuming roll on deodorant.Then when no one is looking--the head pops up and the tentacleez pop out and POW! your bathroom is now the "botroom"...

Anyone seen my pills....?