Monday, February 22, 2010

Phalanges Envy -- better photos

I know this painting is from forever ago, but I still love it - it was a real labor of love and took me forever to complete, and I just felt like I never got any good photos of it - so when Kyla came in with her camera, I slipped this in with 'Little Gods and Monsters'

This is acrylics on what i think was a wooden homemade lapdesk of some sort... dunno..
61 x 72 cm


So I've saved my favorite for last - this is Odin of Norse mythology, riding his trusty (8-legged) steed, Sleipnir. This one is my fave for various reasons - painting that i was pleased with, lots of little elements coming together including a color palette that seemed to be not such a struggle for a change (although I repainted that horse too many times to count trying to get it close to what I envisioned in my mind), and really, the lightbullb and the head on a chain is just too cool - i want one for myself. Supposed to be a font of wisdom for Odin.... still makes me smile.

So that's the end of "Little Gods and Monsters" (a working title of this series that just stuck...)

This one is acrylic paint on a piece of thick pressboard I found on the street...
60 x 60 cm

Once again, all these photos were taken by the lovely Kyla Hancock

Maman Brigitte (round two)

Alright, so this is my second take on Maman Brigitte and her black rooster - I liked the last painting alot, but with this one really wanted to convey a sense of movement, of action, a little less portraiture.... And I love the lil' chili peppers....
this one is on a found frame -- i have no idea what it was used for before this, but the painting itself is acrylic on a thin piece of wood - so light, and easily hung....

60 x 60 cm

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is an old Irish deity, all about war and bloodshed and of course; fertility. It's interesting that so many old deities were similar blends of bloodshed and fecundity. All these new photos have been taken by a friend of mine, Kyla Hancock, who was kind enough to bring not only her mo'fessional-style camera but also her amazing self and photographic skills and take photos of the works for me. Thanks, Kyla!

So this one is acrylic on found wood,
59.5 x 45.5cm

Quetzalcoatl and Coatlicue

Alright, this is another one with a bit of that artist's interpretational prerogative... Mexican dieties Quetzalcoatl and his (sometimes) mother Coatlicue... of course in most representations Quetzalcoatl IS the feathered serpent, but in keeping with the spirit of this series of paintings I depicted them separately....
69x82cm (she's a big'un!) acrylic on repurposed pressboard

(Thanks for taking photos, Kyla!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unexpected Bloom on the Torensteeg

A sixth little beastie added to the I AMonsterDAM series... same size and materials as the others....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I AMonsterDAM

This is the first batch of little beasts, monsters, and demi-gods that are on the artist's prints of my screen print 'Torensteeg".....

They're all on water color paper - a 2-color ink screen print with the monsters painted in acrylic paints

30 x 40,5 cm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shaving Buddies

Steven found a great old shaving box for me to paint a little something on -- it was a fun experiment, and I was actually really happy with how the face turned out. One of those painting experiences that was filled with those Bob Ross 'Happy Accidents' that you want to be able to take into whatever you do next....

So yeah, acrylic paints on vintage wooden box, 23 x 15 x 6cm

Available at the Otherist!