Thursday, March 26, 2009


Alright - this was a hard one. I worked and reworked and reworked this, but all through the process just couldn't get it right. I think the sky was the most challenging for me, and it wasn't helped by the composition. This was a real learning piece for me - and forced me to come to terms with not being happy with everything that I've done. That sometimes, a piece just won't live up to its potential, and you just have to wash your hands of it, and start over if the idea still appeals to you. So this painting is the one I had to wash my hands of. I'll post the newer (much larger) version later.

Anyway, Heget is an Egyptian deity, associated with frogs and fertility.

Tyr & Fenrir

Tyr and Fenrir - another small painting that I really like as a drawing, but once it was painted I felt it was a little static. I like how the boy's face and hair turned out alot. This legend is of course nordic, and is about how they were attempting to chain the wolf Fenrir. Odin, Tyr and others told Fenrir they were only testing to see if he had the strength to break from his bonds - and promised that if he was unable to break them, they would remove them. Fenrir - rightfully - didn't trust them, so as insurance, Tyr volunteered to put his hand in Fenrir's fearsome jaws. Well, they didn't let the wolf out of his bonds, and Tyr gave up that hand.

So it's acrylic on more found wood - another small one 42,5x27 cm

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maman Brigitte

yeah, I know - been forever. Well, been working on a big set of images with varying levels of success. Mostly they're legendary beings and animals they're associated with. This is one of the images that I did first, and while liking it, I think it ended up a little flat compositions-wise. Anyway, Brigitte is big in Voodoo, she's all about graveyards and drinking rum that has been so spiced with hot peppers that no human could drink it (and is known to rub it on her privates, as well, but I thought that might not be such a good picture since I'm painting her as a minor). She's symbolized by the black rooster..... this one's acrylic on found wood. 26x43cm