Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tyr & Fenrir

Tyr and Fenrir - another small painting that I really like as a drawing, but once it was painted I felt it was a little static. I like how the boy's face and hair turned out alot. This legend is of course nordic, and is about how they were attempting to chain the wolf Fenrir. Odin, Tyr and others told Fenrir they were only testing to see if he had the strength to break from his bonds - and promised that if he was unable to break them, they would remove them. Fenrir - rightfully - didn't trust them, so as insurance, Tyr volunteered to put his hand in Fenrir's fearsome jaws. Well, they didn't let the wolf out of his bonds, and Tyr gave up that hand.

So it's acrylic on more found wood - another small one 42,5x27 cm

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