Sunday, February 17, 2008

Helium Icarus

So I've been really into the work of Ashley Wood as of late - I just think his images have such an amazing amount of energy, and despite (or maybe because of) the apparent roughness of the images, I just really love them. I've found in the past that rough paintings just didn't appeal to me as much as the more detailed work, but after looking at more artists' work, I've come to really appreciate just how much energy and thought and true skill go into some of these works that don't have the clean lines or the perfect anatomy. Somewhere I read something by an artist who was complaining that he felt that he had to choose (in his works) between perfect anatomy and the sense of motion, movement, and energy. I think that I'm finally starting to understand just what he was talking about.

I was also really trying to restrict myself in regards to the color palette - I've had no formal training, so all of this is really just trial-by-fire, and I think that in the past some of my colors have been a little too primary.

Alright, so monologue aside, I wanted to do a painting where I really tried not to get too detailed or 'clean'. I chose to redo an image that I had already used for one of my early screen prints so that I would feel less need to plan or feel like I was losing anything in an image that I already had in my head. This image was already 'safe' because I have it in pencils and screen print already, so I felt fairly ok with butchering it, if that was what happened. So here it is.

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