Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Old One

So no, this isn't a recent piece - this is an old one - actually it was my first screen print. It's called "Suma" - sort of geisha meets sumo wrestler.... It was part of a set of drawings I did of "big and beautiful' women.... Took a class on screen-printing when I first moved here to Amsterdam (not really knowing anything about it) and they told us to bring in a picture. So the the dot matrix coloring was sort of an experiment on the fly, over an ink drawing that I had done for something else.
I still like her - she sort of reminds me of that really big woman dancing with the sexy Twi'lek dancer in Jabba the Hut's palace (if you didn't already know that I was a geek, I guess I just came out, as it were. I prefer to be thought of as 'adorkable', though....)

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