Friday, September 7, 2007


Well, I ended up giving the whole print-of-Amsterdam a shot again.... I've had too many people (you know who you are) trying to convince me that an Amsterdam print would be more commercial, and blah blah blah. Of course they're right, but it's not what I feel passionate about, or even what I would buy, so the challenge has been to find some way to make it interesting for me as well as for a customer. My first attempt was done with a digital photograph, and I was really unhappy with the results. Not only was it boring to look at, I just really didn't consider it 'doing art' (whatever that means to you). I was making xerox copies, and it was just kind of dumb, as far as I was concerned. So this is my second attempt, hand-drawn and then hand-printed (silk-screen) by yours truly. Granted, this was Steven's idea, and he thought to make it interesting, I could do the print of Amsterdam, and then on a few I could add a little 'something' to make it interesting for myself (this is why there are tentacles in the images that you see - I also have quite a few that are 'monster-free'). The idea came from a Dutch movie made back in the '80's -something was killing people in the canals of Amsterdam, and the movie was called 'Amsterdamned'. I always envisaged some crazy tentacled monster pulling people into the canals and couldn't wait to see it. Sadly, it ended up being just a regular old serial killer wearing scuba equipment. I know, bummer, huh? Great name, great setting, and that's what you come up with? A disfigured twin in a scuba suit? C'mon, people. So this is sort of my fantasy of what 'Amsterdamned' could have been.....

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